• William Slam


    April 18, 2018 by William Slam


    Today, April 15th, a strange burst of golden energy shot from the sky into the grand archives. The Grand Archives were immediately destroyed, and all within 100 miles of the blast zone were turned into pillars of salt, instantly. This is a sad day for the GCBK.

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  • William Slam


    April 9, 2018 by William Slam

    [REPORT 1]

    At 3pm today, April 8th, a strange occurance was observed all along the coast of what was once Brazil- seemingly far to the east multiple yellow-gold spiral staircases seemed to reach from the oceans into the heavens. This seems to mirror the events that happened only 3 days ago in the old UK territories.

    Answers are still not present- but never the less, a sour taste is left in the mouth of all GCBI citizens.

    [REPORT 2]

    Today, at exactly noon, dissaster struck the GCBI city of New York- a large statue of Seitekina, the god of life and love and dominator of women, which was created as a tribute to his great power and accomplishments, was destroyed in an apparent terrorist attack. The attackers, whose identities are unknown, most lik…

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  • William Slam


    April 6, 2018 by William Slam


    This morning, April 5th, an odd sight could be seen by all by those in the territory previously known as the UK- towards the west, seemingly protruding from the Ocean itself, was a long, golden spiral staircase. When an investigation team was created and sent there, it seemingly disspeared. Scientists are baffled to what it could truly be. Eddard Magnus, an expert on the occult, had this to say:

    "While all the books in the Grand Archives have nothing on this mysterious sight, I can say this with near 100% certainty- this 'staircase,' if you could call it so, is divine in nature."

    The upper Echelons of the GCBI has not yet issued a statement.

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  • William Slam

    The Collapse

    April 2, 2018 by William Slam
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  • William Slam

    The True Messiah approaches. His will shall become reality.

    Humanity is in a state of rapid decline. We live as sleeping slaves, unaware of how we are the playthings of the gods. The gods live for themselves, at the top of the pyramid of life. He seeks to shatter that pyramid.

    The world can only succumb to stagnation whilst unified, even without the influence of the gods. Without factions, we are without individuality- one of the few things that make humans what they are. We also are without competition, which has always pushed humanity forward.

    He will destroy the Gods power, freeing us from their tyranny. He will shatter the system that holds us together, allowing us to grow. He will save humanity.

    The Collapse is unavoidable now. Prepare fo…

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  • Libellula Depressa


    March 12, 2018 by Libellula Depressa


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  • Libellula Depressa

    Not bad.

    March 6, 2018 by Libellula Depressa


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  • Libellula Depressa

    I wonder to what extent you will dig?

    Will you stop as soon as you hit a wall?

    Or will you prove us wrong in our hypotheses on your resilience?

    I suppose there's only one way to find that out.

    I'd wish you good luck, but you're going to have to rely on more than just that.


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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    My Super Mario AU

    February 26, 2018 by PaperMarioFan2017
    • Yuki Mizushima as Mario
    • Haru Doi as Luigi
    • Remilia Scarlet as Princess Peach
    • Ebina Nana as Princess Daisy
    • Lord Tirek as Bowser
    • Yukiyo Mizushima as Wario
    • Haku Doi as Waluigi
    • Mini-Tirek as Koopa Kid
    • Wreck-It Ralph as Donkey Kong
    • Fix-It Felix as Diddy Kong
    • Vanellope Von Schweetz as Dixie Kong


    • Shroomish as Goombas
    • Piranhas as Bullet Bills
    • Jawz as Banzai Bills


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  • FeruEnzeru

    Do i have to? 0 0

    January 23, 2018 by FeruEnzeru

    blog removed for a hellish reason being of my life

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  • William Slam

    Babalone's Point

    January 20, 2018 by William Slam

    My name is Kirino Hokori. I live off the coast of Japan, on a secluded Island. My Island sits solitarily, hidden by my divine breath from those of the GCBI. They also ignore me because they feel a kinship with me- I am not part of their cause, but I do support it in my own way. I also, alike the leaders of the GCBI, am a God. 

    On my island, which I have named Kirishima, I live a peaceful life. I have numerous humans who live below me, in a villiage below my palace. They bring me gifts every day- the bread they cook, the fine robes they fashion, and even their own bodies. I enjoy the pleasures of food and flesh. Some may call me hedonistic, but, hey, can you really blame me? Or even them, for that matter? Who wouldn't want to sleep with a god…

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    I'm Sorry...

    January 14, 2018 by PaperMarioFan2017

    I am sorry for being a complete asshole like Eric Cartman from South Park, the reason why I got mad is because I can't do some things I want here, just please let me do anything I want in here....

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  • Konanoki

    Some questions are left unanswered.

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  • PaperMarioFan2017
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Bowser X Ruby Kurosawa
    • Bowser Junior X Nico Yazawa
    • Larry Koopa X Yoshiko Tsushima
    • Fawful X Mari Ohara
    • Wendy O. Koopa X Maki Nishikino
    • Ludwig Von Koopa X Kanan Matsuura
    • Morton Koopa Jr X Dia Kurosawa
    • Roy Koopa X Rin Hoshizora
    • Dimentio X Nozomi Toujou
    • Iggy Koopa X Hanayo Koizumi
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  • William Slam


    December 31, 2017 by William Slam

    44. 37. 32. 34.

    Cloning? A definite possibility. Proposed project name? Multi-Link.

    Next Query.

    42. 10,043.

    Remarkably, cannot tell which one is more destructive. Would consider cloning- but its probably best that we don't push things.

    Next Query.

    42. 34.

    Would not consider cloning. Cloning a clone sounds troublesome.

    Report end. Sending further information in encoded document.

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  • PaperMarioFan2017
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  • Konanoki

    Makomi's Kisekae Dump

    December 26, 2017 by Konanoki
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    1. Go to Dia's office.
    2. Tell everyone that Dia is a complete dictator who hates idols.
    3. Defeat Dia.
    4. Bribe everyone with Idol Fliers.
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  • William Slam


    December 12, 2017 by William Slam

    7 OR LESS 7 OR LESS In 7 OR LESS days the first attack will be official In 7 OR LESS days the first nail will be hammered into the GCB force’s coffin In 7 OR LESS days the GCB will fully panic Even now they are afraid We haven’t even attacked yet It was believed that COITUS would be curbstomped How about now? Expect us in 7 OR LESS days 7 OR LESS 7 OR LESS

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  • Billiam Slam

    O’er the hills, I hear the screams

    Screams for the various ice creams…

    Whenever, I yonder wander

    I must sit and ponder…

    Ponder, on the state of being

    On our people’s freeing…

    Unite, my brothers!

    Unite my mothers!

    Unite to bring back consent!

    Unite so we can Repent!

    Repent for our sins against the Christmas faith,

    We wear proudly our holy Christmas daith!

    Join us in our fight against the imperium!

    Join your profits to our righteous aerarium!

    Like Atlas separated the sky from the earth

    We shall separate sexuality from your worth!

    Quoth the raven nevermore?

    I agree, let this savagery from our culture pour,

    Pour to the depths of the hell we’ve created

    Pour into the tomb of the creator of hatred,

    Seitekina must perish so we can live

    His life to Christmas, we must …

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  • Konanoki

    Because I'm bored


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  • Gafagafag

    oh no, who is phone

    November 30, 2017 by Gafagafag

    Phone ring, Tabitha pick up

    "Hey there, woman I am babysitting for, I am having good time, except for that one clown statue in your room."

    "But Tabitha, we don't have any clown statues like the one you're describing."

    She look back, statue gone, but chair rock, so scery

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  • Grand dragon

    who is milf?

    November 30, 2017 by Grand dragon
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  • Gafagafag

    Big throbbing Mind

    November 30, 2017 by Gafagafag

    Dost thou protest to mine existence? Would ye believe ye be better than the man who stands before you? I dare say that thou art but hooligans, searching for a reason to believe me to be a hooligan, and nothing more! To whom do you refer when I claim me to be "Rapscalian?!" I am thine god! Bow down before me, as is befitting my status! Your false idol, "Saitakama," the "Grand Dragon," if you prefer, has led ye to a state of destruction! I, being the benevolent being that I am, wants to help ye from falling into this pit of despair that thine has dug! Repent! REPENT, I SAY!

    Sponsered by American Airlines

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  • Gafagafag

    My favourite foods include: Feta

    My favorite anime: Dragon Ball

    My favorite book: The Holy Bible

    My favorite breed of cat: American Short Hair

    My favorite breed of dog: Cockerspaniel

    My favorite brand of mac and cheese: Kraft, creamy

    My favorite type of American airline: American Airlines

    My favorite movie: American Airlines Tutorial Videos, all 24

    My favorite clothing line: Gucci

    My favorite state: Wisconsin

    My favorite kite to fly: Red

    My favorite color: Money Cash Blot

    My favorite author: American Airlines Safety book, the author

    My favorite politician: Ben Carson, Ted Cruz

    My favorite Pokemon: Charizard, Pikachu, Eeveelutions, Lucario, Piplup, Fenniken, Charmander

    My favorite technology company: American Airlines x Apple

    My favorite brand of snack: Am…

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  • Billiam Slam


    November 27, 2017 by Billiam Slam

    My brothers and I have been searching for a similar wiki for some time. I believe they will be pleased to hear of my discovery. I shall inform my eldest and last-born brothers of this immediately (I am the middle triplet - the Malcom, if you will).

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  • Gensomura

    • Both have brown hair (yes, seitekina has brown hair, he just dyed his hair into orange.)
    • Both use swords in combat (Although Sei uses a blazing blade and asuka uses two katanas.)
    • Both have someone who deny their crush towards them (Iason and Homura)
    • Both are the main character
    • (GCBK only) Both are perverts

    • Both have long black hair
    • Both have a serious personality, but aren't lacking of a softer side.
    • Both somewhat dislike perversion (However, Iason is secretly a pervert, so...)
    • Both have to put up with the perversion of someone else (Seitekina and Katsuragi in this case)

    • Both have innocent, sweet behavior
    • Both have someone who swore to protect them (Seitekina from time to time to Saizo, Yagyu all the damn time to Hibari.)
    • Both love sweets
    • Both are cin…

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  • FeruEnzeru

    blog removed for a hellish reason being of my life

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  • FeruEnzeru

    blog removed for a hellish reason being of my life

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  • Gensomura

    Some SK headcanons for GCBK

    September 11, 2017 by Gensomura

    • Asuka: A love addict/pervert, thanks to both Seitekina and Katsuragi.
    • Katsuragi: Eh, i dunno much aside of her being sei's slave. Perhaps she runs a hentai production company?
    • Ikaruga: A close friend of Iason, and most likely a love addict.
    • Hibari: the last person you would think to turn into a love addict
    • Yagyu: Doesn't care if someone has sex with Hibari. Somehow crushes on Seitekina and Haruka

    • Yumi: Doesn't wear underwear. 
    • Murakumo: Doesn't wear her mask.
    • Yozakura: Probably a perv as well
    • Shiki: A Pornstar perhaps? Eh. Who knows?
    • Minori: Iason's younger sister.

    • Miyabi: Futanari.
    • Imu: Tries to hide her pigtails because it will make people think her as childish. Also good at snark.
    • Murasaki: Popular doujin artist
    • Ryobi: bust size locked into large. A…

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  • Gensomura

    Yep, you heard me.

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