First episode of Seitekina and Asuka's Dating Insanity.

Plot Summary

Seitekina meets Asuka and they fall in love with each other.



  • Narrator: "Somewhere at Liuri City, love is in the air. Seitenkina is up to something strange, and he must be looking for love."
  • [Seitekina looks above]
  • Narrator: "Oh, sorry, Seitekina."
  • Seitekina: "Much better."
  • [Seitekina looks around for a moment.]
  • Asuka: [OFFSCREEN] "This would be time for some sword training." [She then shows up] "It's about time."
  • [Seitekina looks at Asuka for a brief moment, before glaring at her breasts]
  • Seitekina: "B-big!"
  • Asuka: "Uh...what are you doing?"
  • [Seitekina then looks at Asuka's face]
  • Seitekina: "...Ohhai there! I'm Seijou Taiyo, call me Seitekina if you wish! I'm your usual run-of-the-mill pervert."
  • Asuka: "Ok then, and I'm Asuka by the way."
  • Seitekina: "Nice to meet you, Asuka!"
  • [Seitekina smiles.]
  • Asuka: "So, how did you meet me first?"
  • Seitekina: "We just happened to bump into each other, man!"
  • Asuka: "Oh, i see..."
  • Seitekina: "Anyways..."
  • [He puts his hand on her shoulder]
  • Asuka: "What do you have to say?"
  • Seitekina: "Soo, let's go out for a date! How's that?"
  • Asuka: "Sounds good to me. So, where do we date at?"
  • [Katsuragi happens to sneak up behind Asuka.]
  • Katsuragi: "Go to a shopping, like a couple!"
  • Asuka: "How did you have to say that?"
  • Katsuragi: "Easy, it was only a suggestion!"
  • Asuka: "Oh."
  • [She turns to Seitekina]
  • Asuka: "Let's go to the shopping!"
  • [Later, when shopping]
  • Asuka: Hey Seitekina, what should I buy?"
  • Seitekina: [shrugs] "I dunno to be honest."
  • [We see Iason and Homura holding hands.]
  • Iason: "Why you two don't buy some clothes? Or rings, whatever!"
  • Asuka: "You know what that means, Seitekina?"
  • Seitekina: "To no one's surprise, are we doing Iason's suggestion?"
  • Asuka: "What? It's just his idea."
  • [Homura and Iason giggle]
  • Homura: "Gee, you two already sound like a couple~!"
  • [Then Seitekina and Asuka's face get red]
  • Asuka: "Awkward..."
  • Seitekina: "I know, right?"
  • Homura: "Follow us for a moment!"
  • Asuka: "Ok."
  • [They follow Iason and Homura]
  • Asuka: "What is this place? What do I think I should do?"
  • Seitekina: "Ditto here!"